Annual Lamp Test Reports

Energy Efficacy and Radiometry

Previous work funded by NYSERDA to Cornell University with Rutgers University (A.J. Both) as a subcontractor has found large variation in performance (energy efficacy and PAR distribution) of commercially available horticultural LED light fixtures. An important aspect of the GLASE project is to continue to stay abreast of (and provide independent testing of) current performance metrics of horticultural LED light fixtures as several new models and manufacturers enter the marketplace annually with a rapid development of technology and capabilities. Results will be useful to 1) provide feedback to lighting manufacturers on the current capabilities and performance of fixtures to guide future product development and 2) to greenhouse operators to make well-informed economically and sound decisions regarding new lighting installations and retrofits. The metrics reported will also follow draft horticultural lighting standards (subtask 4.3) that subcontractor Rutgers has been involved in developing through a recently published paper in HortTechnology and committee work in the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).