About Vivid Canopy

We’re celebrating and fostering diversity in the green industries

We work with professionals across the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry to change hiring practices, encourage corporate transparency on workforce demographics, and provide a space for diverse CEA professionals to connect.

Our Vision

While today’s CEA workforce is more diverse than ever before, the Vivid Canopy network seeks to connect professionals in the green industry with similar lived experiences to increase the diversity of the CEA industry and support more diverse individuals achieving positions of leadership across all types of CEA businesses.

Our Mission

The Vivid Canopy network is helping the CEA industry adapt to a changing labor market by connecting professionals and celebrating CEA businesses that  foster diversity in their businesses through transparency, workforce development, and opportunities for advancement.

Our History

GLASE—the Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering Consortium—established Vivid Canopy in 2024 with partners from Eden Green, Women in CEA, and Indoor Ag-Con. Vivid Canopy is supported by our industry partners.

Get Involved

All Vivid Canopy members access an online community, hiring board, and live in-person networking events.

Founding Organizations

What We're Working On

  • Inaugural event at Indoor Ag-Con: March 11, 2024