The importance of light quality in CEA systems

Spectrum has an important impact on plant growth, morphology, and development. Plants have evolved a sophisticated photoreceptor system capable of perceiving small changes on the light spectrum. Plants use spectral […]

CEA Database and Benchmark Tool

Kyle Clark, Vice President, Business Development first came to EnSave in 2007 before going on to earn a master’s degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science at Sweden’s Lund University. […]

Food Safety in CEA Systems

Dr. Gioia Massa, plant scientist at NASA will highlight some of the unique aspects of space crop production and the microbial food safety considerations of space-grown produce. Data will be […]

Controlled Environment Agriculture Open Data (CEAOD) project

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is a data-driven scientific discipline. In CEA operations all the environmental parameters are monitored and controlled to provide optimal conditions for crop growth. Recent technological advancements […]

Stakeholder needs relevant to indoor propagation

There are economic and knowledge-based challenges that must be addressed for indoor farms to be viable in the United States despite their potential benefits. A mixed-methods approach was used to […]