Light and Energy Modeling in Controlled Environment Agriculture

Webinar presented by Dr. Kale Harbick (USDA-ARS), Michael Eaton (Cornell University), and Dr. Timothy Shelford (Cornell University)

The economic and environmental footprints of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities are largely dependent on the energy consumption associated with providing lighting, heating, ventilation, and cooling to plants. Light and energy-system modeling in CEA can inform designers and investors about the energy requirements and economics related to a proposed or existing system. Presenters will discuss efforts at Cornell and USDA to build tools and generate knowledge about the energy considerations for CEA facilities. Michael Eaton will discuss using climate-based daylight modeling software to model the natural lighting conditions in CEA facilities including greenhouses, and vertical farms with transparent glazing. Tim Shelford will discuss the “Day Ahead Market” LASSI lighting control algorithm, and a new GLASE tool in development; “Online LASSI.” Kale Harbick will discuss work at USDA toward ​updating of the “Virtual Grower” ​program, that can quantify energy consumption associated with greenhouse production.