Design considerations for large scale CEA projects

GLASE Webinar Series 2023

Agritecture is an advisory services and technology firm focused on climate-smart agriculture, particularly urban and controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Since 2011, Agritecture has worked with more than 200 clients in more than 35 different countries. Their clients range from entrepreneurs, to investors, to technology providers. Their focus is helping clients navigate the crucial planning stage for their urban farming business and avoiding costly mistakes.

One of the focus areas of Agritecture has been the development of Agritecture Designer, a digital platform focused on CEA education and the economics of farm planning. Agritecture Designer provides an economic pro forma which is built on data gathered from publicly available sources, university crop trials, industry equipment partners and internal testing. The software provides a framework for CEA entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders to understand the critical components of a successful CEA operation.

In this presentation, David Ceaser, Lead Agronomist at Agritecture, will discuss recent economic challenges the industry has faced and how our software can help industry professionals to ask the critical questions for a profitable CEA operation.