Collaboration with Academia and Industry: Case Study of the Dutch CEA Industry

May 2022 GLASE Webinar by Dr. Leo Marcelis at Wageningen University.

As a full professor at Wageningen University, Dr. Marcelis has published numerous papers in scientific journals with high impact, but impact on society is just as important as impact in academia. Many funding bodies for research in the Netherlands only fund research if the knowledge pursued has clear benefits to industry and private companies, or if the companies invest in the research themselves. This fits well with Dr. Marcelis’s personal drive to perform high quality science that advances both the fundamental understanding of plant production processes and practical applications in the horticultural industry.

Dr. Marcelis will present successful examples of cooperative projects between Dutch and international companies and universities. He will discuss how these projects have been initiated and how they function and cooperate. Dr. Marcelis will also show the research being conducted for some of these projects, particularly that pertaining to vertical farming and LED lighting in greenhouses, as well as the resulting applications in the industry.