Better ways to provide your crop the lights it needs

CEA lighting strategies have long been based on the daily light integral. Although the DLI is a useful concepts, not all DLIs are equal. Longer photoperiods with lower light tend to result in more growth than short photoperiods with high light, even if the DLI is the same. And in greenhouses, the DLI typically isn’t controlled perfectly. Can you take advantage from the high DLI you may on sunny days to provide less light on cloudy days? How well do plants tolerate changes in light, either over the course of minutes or hours, or from day-to day? Join this webinar to learn about these issues and see how this may reduce your electricity bills.

Dr. Marc van Iersel received his PhD from the University of Arkansas in 1994. He has been with horticulture department of the University of Georgia since 1995, where he now holds the Dooley professorship. His research focuses on cost-effective supplemental lighting technologies in greenhouses and vertical farms. He is the director of project LAMP (, a $5M, US-based research project that brings together plant scientists, engineers, and economists to develop profitable supplemental lighting strategies. In 2017, he co-founded Candidus, Inc. ( to help bring novel lighting strategies to the greenhouse industry. Dr. van Iersel has published 140+ scientific papers and has given invited lectures about his research around the world, including in Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Kenya, Canada, Chile, and Brazil.