Our Team

Masaki Kurosaki

Masters Student, Cornell University

Masaki Kurosaki is a master’s student at Cornell University. Masaki received his degree in biological and environmental engineering from Nihon University in Japan in 2017. He joined as an intern researcher with Neil Mattson’s Lab the same year where he worked on fertilizer and bio-stimulant trials for greenhouse vegetables. Masaki began his master’s studies in Cornell’s Controlled Environment Agriculture program in 2019 and is currently conducting two main experiments in pursuit of the impact of using different blue light peak wavelengths on lettuce growth and development, and DLI and CO2 interaction on tomato growth with comparison between LASSI and CO2 LASSI on tomato growth, which is on-going.

“Managing plant growth by controlling the spectral power distributions of wavelengths to create precise light recipes for better plant growth and energy use, can make you feel like a greater wizard.” – Masaki Kurosaki