$2.4 Million Cornell-led Project Explores the Viability of Indoor Agriculture

GLASE principle investigator Neil Mattson is “lighting the way for future urban farming.”

Controlled environment agriculture—things like greenhouses and vertical farms—have the potential to provide local fresh produce year-round in urban metropolitan areas. But it has never been entirely clear whether the benefits of urban controlled environment agriculture (e.g., lower fuel costs) outweigh the costs (e.g., higher energy use to power lighting systems).

GLASE’s Neil Mattson may soon have an answer to that question, thanks to a $2.4 million grant from the National Science Foundation. “By putting all these pieces together—including energy, water, workforce development and economic viability—we hope to discover if EAs make sense for producing food for the masses,” says Mattson.

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: Cornell CALS
: October 12, 2017